Index of /Grade 1/Disc 5

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1 Shoo, Turkey P.245.aiff
10 March Of The Toys P.257.aiff
11 Santa's Helpers P.257.aiff
12 Up On The Housetop P.259.aiff
13 Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer P.259.aiff
14 O Come, Little Children P.261.aiff
15 The Friendly Beasts P.261.aiff
16 Love Came Down At Christmas P. 263.aiff
17 El Rorro (The Babe) P.263.aiff
18 RL- Pronunciation El Rorro P.263.aiff
19 Ifetayo P.265.aiff
2 Five Fat Turkeys P.247.aiff
20 Miwoe Nenyo P.265.aiff
21 Sing About Martin P.267.aiff
22 RL- Turn Me 'Round Motifs P.269.aiff
23 Turn Me 'Round P.269.aiff
24 Kum Bay Ya P.269.aiff
25 I Made A Valentine P.271.aiff
26 A-Tisket A-Tasket (Listening) P.271.aiff
27 Mail Myself To You P.273.aiff
28 Be My Friend P.273.aiff
29 Spring Is Coming P.275.aiff
3 Pumpkin Song P.247.aiff
30 Spring P.275.aiff
31 Mister Rabbit P.277.aiff
32 Kaeru No Uta (Frog's Song) P.277.aiff
33 RL-Pronunciation Kaeru No Uta P.277.aiff
34 See-Saw P.278.aiff
35 See-Saw (Solfege) P.278.aiff
36 Bye, Bye, Baby-O P.278.aiff
37 Bye, Bye, Baby-O (Solfege) P.278.aiff
38 Chucu P.279.aiff
39 RL- Pronunciation Chucu P.279.aiff
4 North Winds Blow P.249.aiff
40 Chucu (Solfege) P.279.aiff
41 Quaker, Quaker P.280.aiff
42 Quaker, Quaker (Solfege) P.280.aiff
43 Engine, Engine, Number Nine P.281.aiff
44 Engine, Engine (Solfege) P.281.aiff
45 In And Out P.282.aiff
46 In And Out (Solfege) P.282.aiff
47 Pease Porridge Hot P.283.aiff
48 Pease Porridge Hot (Solfege) P.283.aiff
49 Lucy Locket P.284.aiff
5 Let's Play In The Snow P.249.aiff
50 Lucy Locket (Solfege) P.284.aiff
51 Little Tommy Tucker P.285.aiff
52 Little Tommy Tucker (Solfege) P.285.aiff
6 December Snow P.251.aiff
7 Light The Candles P.253.aiff
8 Burn, Little Candles P.255.aiff
9 A Time For Love P.257.aiff