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01 Hello P1.aiff
01 The Bakery Shop P50.aiff
02 RL-Echoing Hello P2.aiff
03 Hey, Children, Who's In Town P3.aiff
04 All Around The Kitchen P4.aiff
05 Grizzly Bear P7.aiff
06 RL-Moving To Loud And Soft Sounds.aiff
10 A Tisket A Tasket (Song) P15.aiff
11 Music From Bali P16.aiff
12 The Old Gray Cat P19.aiff
13 RL-Identifying Loud And Soft P20.aiff
14 Coyote And BluesbirdsNikosi P23.aiff
15 A La Rueda Ueda (Round And Round 1.aiff
15 A La Rueda Ueda (Round And Round.aiff
16 RL-Pronunciation A La Rueda P26.aiff
17 Rabbit Song P29.aiff
18 Tortoise Song P29.aiff
19 Hungarian Dance Nol. 6 (Excerpt) 1.aiff
19 Hungarian Dance Nol. 6 (Excerpt).aiff
20 Come On Through, Miss Sally P30.aiff
21 Unit 1 Assessment A #1.aiff
22 Unit 1 Assessment A #2.aiff
23 Unit 1 Assessment A #3.aiff
24 Unit 1 Assessment B #1.aiff
25 Unit 1 Assessment B #2.aiff
26 Unit 1 Assessment B #3.aiff
27 A Hoopla P39.aiff
28 Hunt The Cows P41.aiff
29 Shiau Ya (Little Duck) P42.aiff
30 RL-Pronunciation Shiau Ya P42.aiff
31 RL-Echoing Animal Sounds P43.aiff
32 Of A Tailor And A Bear P45.aiff
33 Montage Of Vocal Tone Colors P49.aiff
34 RL-Echoing Four Different Voices 1.aiff
34 RL-Echoing Four Different Voices.aiff
35 The Bakery Shop P50.aiff
36 Hoo, Hoo! P50.aiff
37 RL-Echoing Longer And Shorter P5 1.aiff
37 RL-Echoing Longer And Shorter P5.aiff
38 Bluebells P54.aiff
39 Long And Short Dance P55.aiff
40 Wishy Washy (Instumental) P57.aiff
41 Wishy Washy(Vocal) P58.aiff
42 Kaich Akum(When The Mountain Sle 1.aiff
42 Kaich Akum(When The Mountain Sle.aiff
43 Tubby The Tuba (Excerpts) P62.aiff
44 I Know An Old Lady P62.aiff
A Tisket A Tasket (Song) pg. T271.aiff