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08 We Are Going Down The Numbers P.2.aiff
11 RL-Pronunciation El Juego Chirim.aiff
14 RL-Pronunciation Juan Pirulero.aiff
18 Los Pollitos (Little Chickesn) P.aiff
19 RL-Pronunciation Los Pollitos P.aiff
23 RL-Pronunciation Taa, Taa, Yee.aiff
27 RL-Pronunciation Kagome, Kagome.aiff
36 RL-Pronunciation Un, Desux, Toi.aiff
38 RL-Pronunciation Mi Chacra P.30.aiff
39 I've Got The Rhythm In My Head P.aiff
40 Ah Ya La-Lal-Li (A Dance Tune) P.aiff
44 RL-Pronunciation Ja Posejah Lub.aiff
45 She'll Be Comin' Round The Mount.aiff