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18 RL- Jim Roberts Talks About Keyb.aiff
19 RL-Moving to Beats in Sets of Th.aiff
2 RL-Learning Pronunciation Sasa.aiff
2 RL-Moving Pathways with Unpitched.aiff
2 RL-Pronunciation Eh Soom Boo Kaw.aiff
2 pg. 106 Eh Soom Boo Kawaya.aiff
2 pg. 151 Sasara Ang Bulaklak.aiff
20 Take Me Out to the Ball Game p.1.aiff
23 Sally Go Round the Sun p.134, 14.aiff
27 RL-Ernest Siva Teaches Ucha Tira.aiff
30 RL-Reading the Rhythm for Minuet.aiff
33 RL-Trumpet Melody of Intrade p.1.aiff
36 RL-Pronunciation Simi Yadech p..aiff
5 RL-Walking Quarter Notes and Half.aiff
6 Honoring Song to Mount McKinley p.aiff
7 RL-Pronunciation Honoring Song t.aiff
8 Donkey, Donkey (speech piece0 p.1.aiff
Git on Board pg. 157.aiff