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13 RL-Interview With Paula Crider P.aiff
14 RL-Interview With Warren Deck P2.aiff
18 RL-This Land Is Your Land Word R.aiff
2 Halloween P260.aiff
2 Pick A Pumpkin P261.aiff
2 The Thing That Isn't There P258.aiff
2 When The Flag Goes By P257.aiff
22 In The Hall Of The Mountain King.aiff
27 Over The River And Through The W.aiff
33 We Wish You A Merry Christmas P2.aiff
35 There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig.aiff
38 RL-Pronunciation El Noi De La M.aiff
41 RL-Pronunciation O Tannenbaum!.aiff
America pg. 254.aiff
Go Tell It On The Mountain pg. 274.aiff
This Land Is Your Land pg. 255.aiff