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19 We Are Playing In The Forest (So.aiff
2 pg 291 A Hummingbird.aiff
2 pg. 290 Springtime.aiff
2 pg. 292 There Came To My Window.aiff
20 We Are Playing In The Forest (Ly.aiff
23 Two, Four, Six, Eight (Solfege).aiff
24 Two, Four, Six, Eight (Lyrics) P.aiff
30 RL-Pronunciation Lek Kansaing P.aiff
32 RL-Pronunciation Nabe, Nabe, So.aiff
40 RL-Pronunciation Buenos Dias, A.aiff
43 RL-Pronunciation Queé Bonito Es.aiff
50 RL-Pronunciation Siebe Steps P..aiff
53 RL-Pronunciation Vamos A La Mar.aiff
54 Ev'ry Time I'm Feeling Blue P.31.aiff
9 Tune For Malréad And Anna Ni Mhao.aiff
Love Somebody pg. 285.aiff
Martin Luther King pg. 283.aiff
Skinnamarink pg. 286.aiff
When You Send A Valentine pg. 287.aiff
You Are My Sunshine pg. 285.aiff