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1 RL- JamboBeat And Rhythm Of The.aiff
10 RL-Exploring Vocal Registers P.1.aiff
11 Down By The River (Light Voice).aiff
12 Down By The River (Heavy Voice).aiff
14 Surprise Symphony 9 (Short Exc.aiff
15 RL-Theme From Surprise Symphon.aiff
21 Surprise Symphony (Long Excerp.aiff
3 Jambo P.2.aiff
3 Rocky Mountain P.8.aiff
33 Montage Of Orchestral Sounds P.4.aiff
34 Pop! Goes The Weasel (Variations.aiff
5 PL-Pronunciation Oboa Asi Me Nsa.aiff
6 RL-Pitch In Bonefish, Bluebird P..aiff