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12 RL-Interview With Sally Rogers P.aiff
16 RL-Pronunciation Ton Moulin P.1.aiff
2 One, Two, Three! (DownbeatUpbeat.aiff
23 Ton Moulin (With Accompaniment).aiff
4 There's A Hole In The Bucket P.18.aiff
40 Three Little Words P.215.aiff
41 I Got A Letter (Song) P.218.aiff
42 I Got A Letter (4 Verses) P.218.aiff
43 RL-Good News, Using Expression P.aiff
5 RL-Finding The Phrases P.181.aiff
6 Sweep, Sweep Away P.183.aiff
7 RL-Finding The Upbeat P.183.aiff
8 Sandy Land (Song) P.185.aiff
9 RL-Where's The Accompaniment P.1.aiff
Good News (G Major) pg. 220.aiff