Index of /Grade 5/Disc 8

Parent Directory
1 Feliz Navidad P.320.aiff
10 I Have A Dream (Student Reader) P.330.aiff
11 Free At Last P.331.aiff
12 Harrigan P.332.aiff
13 Round The Earth Turns P.335.aiff
14 RL-Interview With Raffi P.336.aiff
15 Evergreen, Everblue, P.336.aiff
16 Earth Day Rap P.338.aiff
17 RL-Earth Day Rap Rhythms P.338.aiff
18 Lullaby From The Great Mother Whale To The Baby Seal Pups P.339.aiff
19 Good News P.340.aiff
2 Alegria, Alegria P.322.aiff
20 Roll De Ole Chariot Along P.341.aiff
21 Hong Tsai Me Me P.342.aiff
22 RL-Pronunciation Hong Tsai Me Me P.342.aiff
23 Li'l Liza Jane P343.aiff
24 Trampin' P.344.aiff
25 Nine Hundred Miles P.345.aiff
26 Wachet Auf P.346.aiff
27 RL-Pronunciation Wachet Auf P.346.aiff
28 Star Canon P.346.aiff
29 Mi Gallo P.347.aiff
3 RL-Pronunciation Alegria, Alegria P.322.aiff
30 RL-Pronunciation Mi Gallo P.348.aiff
31 Der Frühling P.348.aiff
32 RL-Pronunciation Der Frühling P.348.aiff
33 Old Abram Brown P.349.aiff
34 Old Abram Brown PM P.349.aiff
35 The Thing P.350.aiff
4 Mama, Bake The Johnnycake, Christmas Comin' P.323.aiff
5 Lift Every Voice And Sing P.324.aiff
6 Ajaja P.325.aiff
7 A New Year Carol P.326.aiff
8 The Dream Of Martin Luther King P.328.aiff
9 I Have A Dream (Martin Luther King, Jr.) P.330.aiff