Index of /Grade 5/Grade 5 CD 9

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1 By The Singing Water P. 352.aiff
10 To Music P. 360.aiff
11 To Music (PM) P. 360.aiff
12 N'kosi Sikelel' I Afrika P.361.aiff
13 RL-Pronunciation N'kosi Sikelel.aiff
14 Theme From New York, New York P..aiff
15 California, Here I Come P. 364.aiff
16 Going To Boston P. 365.aiff
17 Carolina In The Morning P. 366.aiff
18 Mrs. Murphy's Chowder P. 368.aiff
19 Midnight P. 370.aiff
2 Don Martin P. 353.aiff
20 Midnight (PM) P. 370.aiff
21 Wind On The Hill P. 373.aiff
22 Dodi Li P. 374.aiff
23 RL-Pronunciation Dodi Li P. 374.aiff
24 A Tree Toad P. 376.aiff
25 A Tree Toad (PM) P. 376.aiff
26 The Side Show P. 379.aiff
27 Chacarera (Spanish Version) P. 3.aiff
28 RL-Pronunciation Chacarera P. 3.aiff
29 Chacarera (English Version) P. 3.aiff
3 RL-Pronunciation Don Martin P. 3.aiff
30 If I Had A Hammer P. 384.aiff
31 If I Had A Hammer (PM) P. 384.aiff
32 Gaudeamus Omnes P. 390.aiff
33 Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, Thir.aiff
34 Trumpet Concerto In Eb, First Mo.aiff
4 Tzena, Tzena P. 353.aiff
5 En La Feria De San Juan P. 355.aiff
6 En La Feria De San Juan (PM) P. 3.aiff
7 RL-Pronunciation En La Feria De.aiff
8 Kalinka P. 358.aiff
9 RL-Pronunciation Kalinka P. 358.aiff