Index of /Grade 6/Disc 8

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1 Si Me Dan Pasteles p.304.aiff
10 Bo Hai Huan Ten p.313.aiff
11 Diwali Song p.315.aiff
12 RL Pronuncciation Diwali Song p.314.aiff
13 Playing Indian Music On The Table p.314.aiff
14 Haji Firuz p.317.aiff
15 Tl PronunciationHaji Firuz p.316.aiff
16 Bashana Haba'ah p.318.aiff
17 Auld Lang Syne p.319.aiff
18 I Have A Dream p.320.aiff
19 Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate) p.322.aiff
2 Si Me Dan Pasteles p.304.aiff
20 Garden Of The Earth,(Listen) p.324.aiff
21 Garden Of The Earth (Song) p.325.aiff
22 RL-Pronunciation Garden Of The Earth p.324.aiff
23 Musica Indigena p.327.aiff
24 Jarbe Tapatio p.328.aiff
25 De Colores p.328.aiff
26 RL-Pronunciation De Colres p.328.aiff
27 Grand Entry(Powwow) p.331.aiff
28 The Boatman p.332.aiff
29 Old Ark's A-Moeverin p.332.aiff
3 PronunciationL Si Me Dan Pasteles p.304.aiff
30 Hotaru Koi p.333.aiff
31 RL-Pronunciation Hotaru Koi p.333.aiff
32 Every Mornin' When I Wake Up p.334.aiff
33 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen p.334.aiff
34 Eskimo ice Cream Dance p.335.aiff
35 Eskimo Ice Cream Dance p.335.aiff
36 RL-Pronunciation Eskimo Ice Cream Dance p.335.aiff
37 Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening p.336.aiff
38 Jubilate Deo (song) p.336.aiff
39 Come, Follow Me! p.337.aiff
4 Silent Night p.306.aiff
40 Dona Nobis Pacem p.338.aiff
5 Pronunciation Silent Night p.306.aiff
6 Carol From And Irish Cabin p.307.aiff
7 Siyahamba p.309.aiff
8 Siyahamba(PM) p.309.aiff
9 RL Pronunciation Siyahamba p.308.aiff